We help you buy, sell, build, and lease commercial real estate

ERK Realty is a full-service brokerage focused on helping entrepreneurs and investors with real estate development, build-to-suit opportunities, and commercial selling and leasing for existing or prospective businesses.

We're your strategic partner to make sure you maximize your next land or commercial real estate purchase, and guide you through the due diligence and project management process.

Smart management to get your project to the finish line

ERK Realty has the connections and expertise to turn your project into a reality. Traditionally, developers are more than happy to offer you or your client a turnkey solution, but often times at great expense. Who wants to pay the market rate for a net leased building when you're the tenant, assumed all the risk, and brought all the stability to the project?! Our Development Management Services allow you to reap the rewards of your project and focus on your core business, while we take the time and care to make sure everything goes as planned, when planned.

We do more than just show houses.

We view personal homes as investing in a personal asset. We aren't a passive agent whose primary function is to let you in the door and execute paperwork. We are your partner in buying and selling your next home, and we'll provide you with our expert knowledge to ensure you're making educated decisions and achieving the best outcomes.