Our Work

Commercial Developments

Copperfields Plaza

This project was a build-to-suit development for Metro Stars Gymnastics. With the leftover acres, we built additional commercial space to maximize on the investment and to create a place where like-minded businesses can support each other, as well as the local community.

This project was completed in December 2018 in the red hot 204th St. corridor between Gretna and Elkhorn, and is fully leased.

We love to help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners build or lease their next site location. Contact us if you're looking for a trusted expert.

Residential Rentals

We found this gem in a prime location in Omaha, within walking distance to Blackstone and a short drive to Dundee and Downtown.

We acquired it in what felt like it's original 1910 state and renovated both sides. We re-leased this property after renovations and increased rents from $900 per month to $1875 per month (108% increase!), resulting in a cap rate of roughly 8.3%.

Looking to acquire a rental, or need help in property management? We can help.

Residential Fix & Flips

We know a thing or two about residential flips. For example, we purchased this house for $178k and then sold it for $245k.

What did we do? We did minor renovations to add value to the property including: new flooring, roof, deck, and fence. We renovated the master bedroom and on-suite. And viola!

Flippers aren't the only ones that can benefit from this. You can treat your own personal residence as an investment, as you 100% should, and benefits from a similar strategy.